We are a team.  We are Americans and Vietnamese who believe in God, and we believe what God said.  After years of pursuing "traditional" style of influence, we seek to have a greater and more lasting affect by real-life business contact.  We are building a proverbial bridge between Vietnam and the USA (and Canada) with win/win commerce.  This is a new adventure: leveraging the skills of the Vietnamese, especially those that are needy but willing to work, and connecting them with North American customers.  

Our team includes Vietnamese card makers, Vietnamese translators, American distributors, and American teachers.  We are diverse in our experiences and ethnicity, and yet unified in faith and mission.  


   Paul Scott - CEO

  Lucy Scott - Quality Control 

  Johannah Miller - Digital Management

   Leah Smith - Inventory Officer

  Lauren Shambo - Marketing & Photography

Please contact us via the form below or call 315.564.5598.  We'd love to hear from you!