Thank the Lord!

We are gaining an outlet, this website, to at least partially accomplish our goals!  The books will be a huge blessing, especially for serious Bible students.   Soon, each of the books will be available in Vietnmamese for we wish to also edify the millions of ex-pat Vietnamese (Viet Kieu).

The cards are awesome.  Most of the cards are made by poor girls in Vietnam.   If this industry grows, we can help keep these precious souls away from the necessity of employment in social evils and keep them in a safe, wholesome environment.   Its a win/ win, for these cards are really spectacular!

Soon, we'll be launching a "modest" apparel line.   The Vietnamese are especially skilled in sewing: this plays to their strength and meets a need for "modest clothing" (that isn't, as is oft complained, a burlap sack).  

Thank the Lord!   And thank you for looking in!  I hope we have something that will meet your needs. 

Thay PaulFull house at the New Life Home

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